Yancheng,literally "Salt City", is named after the salt harvest fields thatsurround the city. It is a city with special ecologic status and abundantresources. It has the largest area of 17,000 square kilometers and the secondlargest population of 8.14 million in the Jiangsu Province. It is the hometownof red-crowned crane and Milu deer, for each one of which two national naturereserve are built here on the coastal wetland. The boundless wetland, the cranedancing and the deer singing provide a choice place away from noise and back tonature. Yancheng has the longest coastline, the largest wetland and thebroadest sea area. The wetland takes up an area of 455,300 hectare, accountingfor 70% of that of the Jiangsu Province. Now it is extending by 20,000 mu everyyear, which makes Yancheng an important land supply and development backup forthe country. The coast area has a very large margin for exploration.


Yanchengis located in the middle of Jiangsu coast. It lies between north latitudes32°34'34°28' and eastlongitude 119°27'120°54'.It has Huanghai Sea on the east side, Nantong and Taizhou on the south, Huai’anand Yangzhou on the west and facing Lianyungang across Guanhe. Yancheng hasbeen endowed with advantaged land, sea and wetland resources. It has thelargest land area of 17,000 square kilometers and the longest coastline of 582kilometers in Jiangsu Province. The wetland is 455,300 hectare and 70% of theprovincial wetland area. The length of the coastline accounts for 56% of thatof Jiangsu Province. Now the coast south of Sheyang embouchure is enlarging byover 10 square kilometers every year, which is called “Gold Coast”. It is thelargest and the most potential land resource backup in Jiangsu Province.




Yanchengoccupies the flat coastal plains of Eastern Jiangsu. Those areas not cultivatedare mainly marshlands, which are home to several endangered species, includingthe Red-crowned Crane and the Pere David's deer. Yancheng has a temperateclimate with fairly mild winters and distinctly tropical late summers.


Yanchengis an industrial city with fast development. In the past 20 years, Yancheng hastaken on a new appearance in economic construction, social development andurban planning. Especially in these years, the main economic indexes all rankin the front of the Jiangsu Province. Till the end of the Eleventh Five-yearPlan, the GDP has been over 220 billion RMB and the fiscal revenue almost 50billion RMB. The new industrialization and urbanization is accelerating theirpace; pillar industries including automobile, textile and machinery areexpanding continuously; new industries such as wind power and solar power, newenergy and oceanic creature are springing up quickly. In the Twelfth Five-YearPlan, Yancheng will fully devote itself in the all-round moderately prosperoussociety construction so as to realize this new transformation.


History & Culture

Yanchenghas a history of 2,100 years since the first canton was founded here in HanDynasty at year 119 BC. It was named for the salt reserves in rivers around thearea, its name literally meaning "Salt City". In later years, thecity was the home of Fan Zhongyan, the 12th century statesman and Shi Nai'an,the reputed author of famous novels.



Yancheng was inthe limelight during the Chinese Civil War from the 1930s to 1940s. The NewFourth Army led by the Communist Party of China was reestablished in Yanchengafter being ambushed and battered by the enemy. After the revival, the Armyplayed a very important role in the war and finally the foundation of thePeople's Republic of China. Many monuments in honor of these heroes can stillbe found around Yancheng.


Now it has nine countiesunder jurisdiction including districts and county-level cities as well asnational Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone and Chengnan NewDistrict. Yancheng has a developed transportation system and it is the onlycity in Jiangsu and one of the ten municipalities that have internationalseaport and airport at the same time. The three-dimensional network ofhighways, railways, ports, waterways and aviation has generally come intobeing. It only takes two and half hours from Yancheng to Shanghai and Nanjing.Yancheng has become a new member of Yangtze Delta Economy Zone. The economy andthe society have both made great progress. During the period of the EleventhFive-Year Plan, the GDP doubled and ranked the 7th in Jiangsu; the generalbudget of fiscal revenue increased by 4 times and ranked the 7th in Jiangsu;the disposable income per capita of urban citizens and rural residents rose by13.5% and 11.8% per year respectively, leading in northern Jiangsu. In recentyears, Yancheng is turning one of the best cities to be the carrier for FDI inJiangsu Coastal Area in face of the important opportunity of Jiangsu CoastalDevelopment Strategy and Yangtze-Delta Development Integration Strategy. Themargin for development is spacious and the vision of future is better. Atpresent, Yancheng sticks to the priority of optimizing economic environment andthe idea of “government creates environment, enterprises create wealth”, tryingto create a more open and more qualified investment environment. The governmentis doing its best to provide quality and highly-efficient public service andstriving for lower cost to cooperate with investors at home and abroad.Yancheng sincerely welcome business guests from all over the world to participatein our construction, cooperate with us hand in hand, seek common developmentand create a more beautiful future with concerted efforts!