As the hometown of Zhou Enlai, the former premier of China, Huai'an is a municipality under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu province. It is a famous historical & cultural city, as well as a beautiful city with many scenic spots. Huai'an covers an area of 10.100 k, of which the city proper covers 80 k. The total population by the end of 2004 was 5.24 million, of which 895,200 were in the city proper. In February 2001, our city changed its name from Huaiyin to Huai'an upon the approval of the State Council. Now Huai'an administers four districts of Qinghe, Qingpu, Huaiyin and Chuzhou, and four counties of Lianshui, Hongze, Jinghu and Xuyi.


Located in the hinterland of Northern Jiangsu, Huai’an is adjacent to Yancheng on the east, Yangzhou on the south, Anhui Province on the west, and Lianyungang, Xuzhou and Suqian on the north. That’s at 118°12' to 119°36' east and 32°43' to 34°06' north.


Located in the transition area between warm temperate and subtropical zones, Huai'an enjoys the monsoon climate of the temperate zone, characterized by distinct seasons, pleasant weather and abundant rainfall. Huai'an also enjoys a distinct superiority in its location and it only takes 2 hrs, 4 hrs and 8 hrs from Huai'an to Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing respectively. With the nine rivers such as the Grand Canal, the Huaihe River and the Former Course of Yellow River passing through, Huai'an hosts one of the five largest freshwater lakes, the Hongze Lake, within its boundary. On this vast and fertile plain, abundant aquatic products, special fowls, vegetables, fruits, high-grade grain and edible oil and other farm and sideline specialties are produced. Huai'an has become a famous national production, processing and marketing base for green farm and sideline products. Huai'an also boasts rich natural mineral resources. Among them, the proven reserve of rock salt reaches 130 billion tons, ranking first in the world, and that of attapulgite exceeds 70% of the whole country.


During the 11th Five-year Plan (2006-2010), Huai’an stuck to absorbing production factors and promoting economic development through opening up, and constantly improving opening up to the outside, and made great achievements in attracting investment. 1108 domestic-invested projects with more than 50 million yuan investment were introduced, 760 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, 2.624 billion US dollars of registered foreign investments were on the ground, and more than 600 Taiwanese-funded enterprises were approved; Taiwan investments accounted for more than half of the utilized foreign investments, and a new concentration place of Taiwan investments was formed rapidly.

The carrier construction realized leaping development. Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone was successfully upgraded to be “state level”, and China Huai’an Export Processing Zone, China Overseas Students Venturing Park and Taiwan Peasants Venturing Park were established, constructions of 7 provincial development zones, Huai’an Industrial Park and Salt Chemical New Zone were accelerated. 14.18 billion yuan investment in infrastructures was completed in development zones above provincial level, and 138 square kilometers of area was newly developed, and 4874 enterprises entered the zones.

Reform and restructuring went smoothly. 75 municipal key enterprises were restructured, 2 financing platforms with more than 10 billion yuan assets were established, 2.7 billion yuan enterprise bonds were released, and the Bank of Communications, Pudong Development Bank and Sunan Agricultural and Commercial Bank were introduced to Huai’an, guarantee and reguarantee systems were constructed, and countryside microfinance company pilot and agricultural insurance work were comprehensively implemented. In 2010, the domestic and foreign deposit balance in financial institutions of Huai’an was 121.5 billion yuan, and the loan balance was 86.5 billion yuan, which were 2.9 and 3.1 times those of 2005.

Foreign exchange was expanded constantly. Convenient custom mode was created, and Huai’an Port was approved to be second class shipping port; foreign economic cooperation was boosted steadily, and foreign trade exports exceeded 2 billion US dollars; international friendship cities totaled 11.

History & Culture

Huai’an is located at eastern side of Hongze Lake, ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and young Beijing-Shanghai Expressway join here, and bright history and splendid civilization of Huai’an shine here together. Territory of Huai’an covers both banks of the ancient Huai River, legend goes that Dayu once harnessed water in this area and offered the favorable condition that “Huai River will remain safe and quite forever”, name of the city “Huai’an” means Huai River’s tranquility. Just like remote Huai River water, the history of Huai’an is centuries-old.

As early as five thousand to six thousand years, the city territory has found the trace of the ancestors, which has been recorded in annals as “Qinglian’gang Culture”.