Suqian, a city in Jiangsu province, is also the native place of Xiang Yu, the overlord of West ChuPeriod, who was recorded in annals as a hero with great strength. Suqian is quickening up to develop. After theestablishment of the prefecture-level Suqian city, the whole city build up andcarry out the view of scientific development, implement the five developingstrategies as making peasants’ life more wealthy, making a breakthrough inindustry, city bringing along towns, all-round opening and science andeducation promoting the city. The government concentrates the ability of thewhole city to realize industrial breakthrough, develop attracting bid forinvite investors and positively advance the supernormal and great-leap-forwarddevelopment. The structure of three industries has changed from the originalprimary industry, second industry and the third industry at the end ofninth-five-year-planning period to the second industry, the third industry andprimary industry, which is the same as the structure of Jiangsu Province. Thisis the symbol that the economic development of Suqian has changed from theagriculture-oriented type to industry-oriented type. It enjoys not onlygeographical superiority of the eastern area, but nimble advantage of thewestern area in policy. It has a wide market potentiality as well as profitsspace. The great honor of “China Best Investment City for Zhejiang Businessmen”has added special charm to the city. The new team of municipal party committeeand municipal people’s government will use innovation and credibility conceptand broad mind to further increase the strength of attracting bid for inviteinvestors and accelerate the step of urbanization, industrialization andeconomic internationalization to realize more promotion to the construction ofthe “Two Leads”.

Suqian, a city of credibility, is adestination of investment. The rapid melting of traditional culture and moderncivilization has given birth to a modern city. On the basis of good economy,the perfect investment environment and the preferential open policy, Suqianbecomes the best destination for investors at home and abroad. Today, themerchants converge here and industries are prosperous. Suqian people, with thevirtue of hardworking, wisdom, enlightening and sincerity will provide widercooperation fields and magnificent investment return for those from all walksof life.


Suqian is a city with rich history andcultural connotation, whose orientation is “forest model, environment friendly,garden style, lakefront ecological city in favor of sustainable development”.It also enjoys the scenic spotsof lakes and mountains, the Canal landscape, thenew look of the yellow River, the humanity scenery as well as the urban image.Located in the north of Jiangsu Province, it is an important rising centralcity.

As a key central city of the east bridgeheadcity group of the new Euro-Asian Continental Bridge and a thoroughfareconnecting Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province and Shandong Province, Suqian is inthe crossed radiation area of Longhai Economic Area, Coastal Economic Area andYangtze River Economic Area.

Twenty years ago, for the reason of platedevelopment, Huaihai Economic Zone, an inter-provincial horizontalsyndicalization economic cooperation area formed. Suqian is located in themiddle of Huaihai Economic Zone. It is an important distributing center of tradecirculation relying on the 120,000,000-population of Huaihai Economic Zone.


Suqian has a long history and everygeneration produces its man of ability. Suqian is the native place of West ChuOverlord Xiang Yu. He and his wife Yuji left a romantic story, which is stillspread in China. Emperor Qian Long Xanadu is situated at the side of GrandCanal. Qian Long went sight-seeing to the Yangtze River Delta for six times andstayed here for five times. Hongze Lake and Luoma Lake have beautiful natural scenery.The Grand Canal and ancient Yellow River come across the city proper.

The afforestation rate in city proper reaches38.5%, the greenbelt coverage rate reaches 34.1%, and the average greenbeltarea reaches 8.59 m2. The time in which the air quality reaches thesecond level of national environmental air quality standard is 301 days.Contend of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide is under the first level ofnational environmental air quality standard. It is the only city without acidrain in Jiangsu province. The eligible rate of the water quality can reach100%, and the drinking water can get to the first level of the nationalstandard. Hongze Lake, one of the four largest fresh water lakes in China, hasthe water surface of 3.1 million Mu. Luoma Lake, the water quality of which canreach second level of national standard, has the water surface of 0.6 millionMu. These two lakes are both beautiful scenic belts of Suqian city.


In ten years after establishment, Suqianranks No. 125 of 286 municipal cities in comprehensive strength evaluation. Thedeveloping indexes of economic increasing, water supply and drainage and powersupply all rank in the top 100. City’s transportation development index islisted in No. 6.

Suqian’s Strategic orientation of industrialdevelopment in eleventh-five-year-planning period: the largest industrialcluston in the middle of East Longhai Railway area, a new compact district offoreign investment in north of Jiangsu Province, procession base of thesouthern wing of Huaihai Economic Zone.

Suqian is the capital of famous liquor. Sweetspring is the base for high quality liquor. Yanghe Brand and Shuanggou Brandliquor are both well known at home and abroad. There are 29 scaled liquorproduced enterprises in Suqian and yearly output of liquor is about 200,000ton.

Suqian is the homeland of Italy poplar. The forest withItaly poplar as main plant covers an area of 1.75 million Mu including 0.9million Mu of fast growing and fruitful forest. The accumulation of woodreaches 12 million m3 and the yearly cutting quantity is about 1million m3

The wood procession industry on the base ofabundant forest resource is the first leading industry in Suqian. There aremore than 3,800 wood procession enterprises in Suqian. The main products areveneer, wood handicraft, middle-density board, waterproof template, decorativesheet and timber floor.

Suqian is a new weaving city. There are morethan 310 enterprises in Suqian dealing with weaving and clothes making,including 30 cotton weaving enterprises, 4 wool weaving enterprises, 25 silkweaving enterprises and more than 200 clothes making enterprises.

In recent years, there are many newenterprises in Suqian with the investment of more than RMB 100 million yuan,such as Jiangsu Louxing Industrial Park, Chengfeng Botai Group, Fennesi Group,Honglilai Group, Shangfu Clothes Making Co., Ltd, Shuyang Yingtian Weaving Co.,Ltd and Siyang Weaving City etc.

Suqian is a city of glass. It has formed abuilding material industrial system with a listed company, China Glass, asleader and some enterprises producing new kinds of building materials, chemicalbuilding materials and fitment materials, such as Jiangsu SHD New materialsCo., Ltd, Xiuqiang Glass Co., Ltd, Huada Clad Plate Co., Ltd, Tai Beton Co.,Ltd, Jingwei Glass Fiber Co., Ltd and Sino-Italy Glass Fiber Reinforced PlasticCo., Ltd etc. as important members. The leading products are glass, glassfiber, cement and its finished products, glass fiber reinforced plastic andbuilding materials.


History& Culture


Suqian has a long history and human cultural environment.Xiacaowan Ruins, excavated in this area, refracts the first sunlight of mankindorigin. The King Tomb of Han Dynasty, unearthed in Sanzhuang Tombs, witness themagnificence of ancient culture in Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty. Unique localconditions and customs have natured unique culture of ancient Chu Period. TheChinese civilization extends its inheritance in here. Since thousands of years,it has cultivated innumerable heroes and cultural celebrities recorded inannals, such as Xiang Yu, Lu Su, Wei Sheng, Yang Sihong, Zhu Rui, ZhangXiangwen, Wu Yinxian and Wu Lingsheng etc. 

Suqian enjoys the ecological civilization than naturevouchsafes. The Grand Canal and ancient Yellow River running through the cityseem to be two elegant jade belts. The Hongze Lake and Luoma Lake, situated inthe north and south, are just like two bright mirrors. The vast plain withgreen forestry forms a beautiful picture of Suqian. Two rivers, two lakes andvast forest make Suqian have unique ecological environment. “Jiangsu ProvincialGarden City” is the framed name card of this green capital. On the basis of theimage “Ecological Suqian, Green Homeland”, the people of Suqian are speeding uptheir construction, which had been turning the city into one with a richhistory and cultural connotation, whose orientation is “forest model,environment friendly, garden style, lakefront ecological city in favor ofsustainable development”. It also enjoys the scenic spotsof lakes andmountains, the Canal landscape, the new look of the yellow River, the humanityscenery as well as the urban image.