Jiangsu Institute of Commerce

Name Jiangsu Institute of Commerce City
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151 Total Student
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School Homepage http://en.jseti.edu.cn/
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College with Accounting Institute, Faculty of business administration, trade finance college, public service and management (management school aged industry), teaching department, School of Tourism Foreign Language Institute, College of art and design, information technology, College of engineering and technology,Department of physical education, the Institute of international education, and the digital campusmanagement center and other auxiliary teaching organization; initially formed a tube, and engineering professionals focused on economic and trade service for the brand, technology, literature, science & technology, the arts, tube, as the main body of the multidisciplinary professional system. The hospital has a modern distance education system, multimedia teaching of foreign language teaching in radio, closed-circuit television system, and the central control system, voice teaching system, electronic reading room, the campus of modern teaching facilities, a card system facilities, training of perfect function, teaching equipment worth about 47270000 yuan.