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Jiangsu Normal  University presently is composed of four campuses. The land area occupation covers over 200 hectares, including the school building area of 0.812 million square meters, and nearly 2.50 million volumes of book collections in the library. Besides, the university also has 22 specialty schools, 70 undergraduate majors, covering twelve major disciplines; currently, the university has 24,622 full-time undergraduate students and 2,777 postgraduates. The exiting 1,388 fulltime teachers cover 218 professors (including 34 doctoral supervisors), 481 associate professors, and 376 teachers with the doctoral degree. And, there are 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 13 Yangtze River Scholars and national-level distinguished young talents, 1 Jiangsu Distinguished Professor. Throughout the history of development, there have been a number of celebrities such as Professor Liao Xudong, the famous linguist on Chinese; Professor Wu Benxing, the well-known poet and the expert on Chinese Modern Literature; Professor Wang Jinshan, the dramatist and expert on Ancient Chinese Literary History; Professor Wu Ruyu, the expert on Ancient Chinese Literature; Professor Liu Baichuan, the educationist; Professor Zhang Huanting, the Psychologist; Professor Zang Yunpu, the historian; Professor Luo Qixiang, the geographer and many other distinguished experts and scholars at home and abroad.

For over 60 years, all the faculty and staff have stuck to the school motto “To highlight morality and education” and have carried forward the sincere pioneering spirit, leading to a rapid development of JSNU. The university has always focused on research across all the disciplines. Currently, the university has four phase-I projects for superiority subject of colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province, one key provincial-level discipline of first-class disciplines and four key provincial-level disciplines of first-class disciplines (training center). In addition, the university has three key laboratories for provincial-level colleges and universities, and two provincial-level philosophy and social science research centers, and three key research centers for the philosophy and social science of the provincial-level colleges and universities. In the last five years, the university has been awarded over 500 government-sponsored research projects, including 132 nationally fund projects. It has also won more than 60 scientific research awards above the ministerial-level and provincial-level, including the first, second and third prizes for the excellent achievement in the humanities and social science research at Chinese colleges and universities. Jiangsu Normal University, as a key and high-level university  of Jiangsu province, we will continue to implement the scientific development plans, adhere to principles of reform, innovation and open education. We are committed to shaping the university into a high-level, distinctive, and comprehensive teaching and research institution!