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Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology (NIRT)approved by the Government of Jiangsu Province and filed on record in the Education of Ministry, is a full-time governmental higher vocational college and a professional vocational institute in terms of rail transportation in Yangtze River Delta region founded in 1941. NIRT covers an area of 1146 acres with a full-time enrollment of over 10,000 college students. The institute has cultivated more than 70,000 professionals and has made a positive contribution to the development of rail transit industry in China and local economy through the past 70 years.

NIRT sets five secondary schools: School of Transportation Management, School of Communication Signals, School of Power Engineering, School of Economics and Trade and School of Software and Art Design, all of whom face rail transit industry and local economy. In general, it offers 26 majors and 41 major directions, for example, Operation and Management of Railway Transportation, Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit, Railway Communication Signal, Traffic Control of Urban Rail, Technology of Electrical Automation, Railway Locomotive and Vehicle, Railway Engineering, Urban Rail Traffic Vehicle, Accounting, Logistics Management , Tourism Management , International Business, The Environment Art Design, Design and Production of Animation, etc.

NIRT has long been collaborated with enterprises and supported by government, industry and enterprises. In 2006, with more than 20 leading industries of railway operation, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and urban rail transit, the institute has established the school-enterprise cooperation development committee. Based on this platform, the institute has gone into partnership with more than 200 industries of railway, urban rail and local enterprises. In 2010, NIRT and Nanjing Metro Company jointly built the nation’s first metro college to train metro contracted personnel. In 2011, with Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Limited Corporation, it set up “Rail Traffic Engineering Control Research and Development Center of Jiangsu Province”; with Nanjing National Railway Electric Power Limited Corporation, it established “Substation Automation System of the Comprehensive Training Center”. In 2012, the institute and Shanghai Railway Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly set up the first national “Railway Culture Research Center”. With the collaboration with railway enterprises, the institute has built many advanced international training platforms, such as high speed railway teaching field which is composed of all real equipments and can conduct simulation operation, national high speed railway train dispatching training base and national high speed railway training base, etc. NIRT becomes the only institute of higher education with Real Trains on campus in China.

Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology has actively implemented the openly running school strategy, establishing friendly and cooperative alliance with more than 10 universities (for example, Kapi’olani Community College in the US, Delter International Business Institute in Canada, Chichester College in the UK, West Japan University of Industry, Korea National Transportation University and Far-East National Transportation University in Russia ) in different countries and developing international cooperation projects of Sino-foreign education programs, short-term students exchange and overseas study for bachelor’s and master’s programs. Over these years, the institute hired foreign teachers to teach English, Japanese and related professional courses, which creates international campus teaching atmosphere and enhances professional development. In order to build the brand of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools and international exchange project, the institute is actively implementing “internationalization” and “localization” strategy, which has achieved remarkable results. Now, the institute boasts the Vice Chairman Unit of International Association of Transport Universities of Asia-pacific countries and the advanced school of international cooperation and communication of Jiangsu Province. In 2011, the institute successfully hosted the fourth international symposium for transportation universities in Europe and Asia, inviting 14 universities and relevant enterprises from Korea, Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. In 2013, the institute launched a Chinese language learning and Chinese culture & high speed railway experience activity named “Vigorous Jinling and Dynamic NIRT” in Nanjing, enrolling 25 Korean college students.

Education Philosophy: It insists on being people-oriented, advocating practice and innovation and developing along with China Railway.

Development Strategy: It insists on using quality to support school, talents to strengthen school, science and technology to vitalize school and openly running school in a distinctive way.

Development Target: it aims to develop at high level, to become a distinctive rail transportation vocational institute and enjoy a good international influence.