Jiangsu Institute of Commerce

Opportunities for Research & Practice

Guanghua campus consists of a domestic first-class experimental Training building, with a total construction area of 58,000 square meters. In the Jiangning Campus constructing a share-based training base in Jiangsu, communicating modern engineering, the base consists of seven centers containing 29 exhibitions. Jiangning Campus has also built a warehouse-style supermarket for training; Training hotel; Training department stores; a catering street for students starting a business; students self-help apartments; student technology venture park, etc. The total construction area is 130,000 square meters. .

Through the approval of  the Office of Labor and Social Security of JiangSu, the college set up nine state-level vocational qualification skills identification projects, including home electronics repair works, maintenance electricians, food inspection industry, refrigeration industry, interior designers, advertisement designers, e-commerce, modern logistics and so on. The college also has the China General Chamber of Commerce vocational training centers and test center.